Moroccan rug – Vintage Boucherouite


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Do you like traditional style? Do you want a rug that you can pass on to future generations? Moroccan rugs are probably the most comfortable rugs you’ll see in your entire life. These are rugs that are appreciated by artists, free souls and people who feel the need for an authentic design close to people and nature.

At the same time, they are the epitome of warmth and luxury. All Berber rugs are distinguished by geometric patterns. You can expect to see symbols on them that tell the story of the artisan’s life. If you’re looking for something soft and warm to warm your feet at night, these amazing rugs will be perfect!

The colorful Boucherouite rug is a hand-woven vintage work created in Morocco. Perfect for a boho style interior. A real work of craft art!

Boucherouite rugs were woven in the ’70s and early’ 80s by Moroccan Berber women for home use as a functional and decorative item in their homes. Since the 1950s, nomadism has disappeared more and more, and the production of wool from the folds has been significantly reduced. Because wool has become rare in Morocco, processed synthetic materials such as cotton, nylon, lurex and sometimes wool have been used. They worked intuitively, giving an outlet to their creativity, thanks to which each carpet is a signature of the woman who made it. Each Boucherouite rug is unique and has a unique pattern, so you will never find similar work.

All the rugs we sell were chosen by us personally in Morocco. To offer you the most beautiful vintage rugs in the highest quality.


Length: 211

Width: 80

Age: 30/35 years

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