Monopoly Rattan Armchair


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The Monopoly rattan armchair is a 21st-century piece of furniture. It combines an ethical approach to life with the highest quality and sophisticated simplicity. Created with an obsessive attention to detail.

It was created from a combination of love of art and the timelessness of rattan in the hands of our Indonesian collaborators. We believe that they are the original creators of contemporary trends – luxury craftsmanship inspired by their cultural heritage.

Each item, like its creator, is unique. Some imperfections may be due to the process of manual creation, which at first glance seems simple, but reveals a lot of complexity in the craft and emphasizes hand-made.

Rattan has extraordinary properties: it is strong, light and durable, and thanks to the tiny pores in its structure also very plastic, which makes it an ideal material for creating furniture. Over time, it acquires beautiful nobility, making it timeless.

Color: Natural rattan finished with matte, clear varnish.

Dimensions:74 x 71 cm x 71 cm

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