„Black Okinawa” rattan lampshade

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The Okinawa lampshade was created from a combination of love of art, the timelessness of rattan and the extraordinary skills of our Indonesian craftsmen. For creative interiors where freedom rules. For everyone who wants to be up to date with trends, black ratan is a must-have in the interior in the form of mirrors, accessories or furniture. We are deeply convinced that our local colleagues are the original creators of contemporary trends – luxury craftsmanship inspired by their cultural heritage.

Dimensions L:

Height: 73 cm

Diameter: 35 cm

Price: PLN 580

Dimensions M:

Height: 65 cm

Diameter: 25 cm

Price: PLN 470

Sale applies only to the shade, the cable is not included in the set.

Remember that each lampshade is unique, hand-made ensures that no two will be exactly the same.

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