Rattan basket Didion


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Rattan Basket Didion is a project combining artistry and vintage performance with the simplicity of modernity. In love with the rattan braid, which gained popularity in 1859 thanks to the Michael Thonet brand, we decided to introduce it to many of our products in the 2019/2020 season. Few artisans already know this technique, which means we have traveled through many Indonesian islands to find them. The time-consuming implementation makes most brands use machine-made ready-made braided mats. However, we always promise you 100% handmade from the highest quality rattan by worshiping forgotten crafts. This is how the multifunctional Didion basket was created, perfect for shopping, as well as a beautiful interior design element. The details and craftsmanship of the Didion basket make you admire it every day, and the highest quality of workmanship will allow you to enjoy it for generations.

Dimensions: 26 x 20 cm

height with handle: 30 cm


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