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Montmartre pots were hand made from the highest grade of rattan from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The inspiration for their creation was the Parisian bohemia and way of life of contemporary artists mainly living in the Montmartre district. Worship of greenery and nature in their interiors was mainly presented in rattan pots that can still be found today. Combined with a love of art, the timelessness of rattan and the amazing skills of our Indonesian craftsmen, Montmartre pots were created. The use of these elegant pots will add a chic and artistic boho touch even in the most modern interior.

We are deeply convinced that our local colleagues are the original creators of contemporary trends – luxury craftsmanship inspired by their cultural heritage.

As conscious consumers, we would also like to show you the reason for choosing rattan as an element of interior design. Ratan is a solid and flexible material. So you can use it for a long time and in the most demanding places, even such as the public Japanese Sento baths. Unfortunately, Indonesia is cutting nearly 0.84 million hectares of forests annually, causing animals such as endangered orangutans to fight for their homes. When buying rattan from ethical plantations, we encourage the Indonesian government to protect the rainforests from cutting down palm trees. Due to the demand for natural rattan, which symbiotically relies on rainforests. The highest quality rattan that we use for the production of BOHO swing furniture grows at a surprisingly fast pace and can only be found in rainforests because there it is looking for trees to climb to sunlight as soon as possible. The speed at which rattan grows means that we can cut it much more often than trees that need decades to do so. This reduces our impact on the natural rainforest ecosystem.


Montmartre L – 86 x 40 cm

Montmartre M – 66 x 40 cm

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