„Cacuta” teak ladder


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The „Cacuta” teak ladder is a natural and stylish decoration made of the highest quality material. The uniqueness of teak lies in its oily nature, which means that teak wood practically does not soak up water, does not swell or shrink, and is also very resistant to chemical and biological factors. As a result, when placed in the bathroom, it can be used as a towel rack, and in the room, you can hang blankets, bedspreads, newspapers or flowers. Thanks to its modesty, it will suit many types of interiors and will certainly appeal to nature lovers.


height: 187 cm

width: 46 cm

5 levels

The product is exclusively decorative.

Products made of solid, natural wood by Indonesian craftsmen. Hand-made with the greatest care and attention to detail, they may differ slightly from the pictures presented. All bumps, abrasions, knots, crevices are intentional and emphasize the natural nature of the wood. Each product is unique and unrepeatable.