Flower pot carved in the trunk of a palm tree – Tribal 25 cm


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Modern tribal style conquers interiors around the world. Its beauty lies in the authenticity of folk patterns, traditions and beautiful handicrafts. Perfectly adapts to other arrangements – especially modern, minimalist and scandi – giving them the unique charm of artistry.

Planters from the Tribal collection are authentic trunks of coconut palms! Having a palm in your home, which is also a work of art, is certainly an original decoration!

Each copy is unique and within the given model it differs from each other. The differences are insignificant and are due to the natural origin of the product. Therefore, their dimensions, weight, color, grain, streaking, natural damage, splitting, dents or cracks may slightly differ from those shown in the pictures.

tribal Bali – carved in the palm


Height – 25 cm

20 cm wide

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