Brooklyn mirror


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Huge Brooklyn Mirror from the Vive 70’s collection! is an add-on for anyone who is a little Bohemian at heart. A collection inspired by the freedom of the ’70s. Love of art and independent crafts found „far from the highway”.Saturated with calm simple moments. The oval mirror in the rattan frame is not only an elegant decorative element but also useful and practical. It resounds with a modern shape and impressive size. It can do much more! It will complement the magical atmosphere by reflecting the light of candles or optically increase the number of green plants. It will add a natural accent in any room, optically enlarge it and introduce additional light. It will catch the eye in the living room, bathroom, bedroom or hallway. Thanks to its subtlety and top-quality rattan, it will give you an element of the sun that you can feel. Stories created from the work of human hands and ethical love for nature


190 cm tall

90 cm long

5 cm wide



Informacje dodatkowe

Waga 25 kg
Wymiary 5 × 90 × 190 cm