Tray with pearls


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A decorative mother-of-pearl tray topped with a rattan finish. This is a unique addition to any interior. Covered with mother of pearl on both sides, it not only attracts attention and reflects light, but also adds an elegant style. Perfect for displaying your jewelry or appetizers for guests. Its luxurious simplicity will complement the accessories in the living room and in the bathroom.

The tray-of-pearl was made of mother of pearl, which was ecologically recovered from crustaceans processed by local restaurants on the Philippine islands. Thanks to this, it does not contribute to environmental degradation. It is 100% biodegradable and handmade. By supporting the processing and re-use of natural resources.

A limited collection of Filipino nature, created in the spirit of ecological craftsmanship, wanting to tell you the story of the paradise island where it comes from and bring the warmth of its smiles to your interior. As a symbol of the value and strength of nature in ethical closeness with the man.


length 31.5 cm

width: 19 cm

height: 3 cm

Some imperfections indicate manual work and they are part of the uniqueness of the product, as well as slight deviations from the size.