Pearl plate and a bit


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A small plate made of natural shells is the beauty of the mother of pearl that impressively reflects light. Dedicated to serving starters and starters. Delight your guests with caviar, small croutons or sweet snacks. This unique plate will make delicacies even more tempting.

The plate a bit was created from Philippine shells recovered from crustaceans processed by local restaurants. Thanks to this, it does not contribute to environmental degradation. 100% biodegradable and handmade.

A limited collection of Filipino nature, created in the spirit of ecological craftsmanship, wanting to tell you the story of the paradise island where it comes from and bring the warmth of its smiles to your interior. As a symbol of the value and strength of nature in ethical closeness with a man.

The diameter of the plate is about 8 cm, but each one is different from the others. Some imperfections testify to manual work and they are part of the uniqueness of the product.

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