Luzon jewelry set


Na stanie

Bracelet and earrings made of dark mother of pearl. Made by the art of sealing many individual elements of the inner shell.

Made from Philippine shells with natural, dark shades of oysters. However, they hide a whole palette of colors, shimmering and attracting with shine. They are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship, smooth to the touch and durable. These classic and elegant earrings reflect the light seductively, illuminating the face. A simple, minimalist bracelet will work for any style. The bracelet formed into the perfect shape of the circle, as well as semicircular earrings, is a great gift idea for an elegant minimalist.

100% biodegradable, handmade by Filipino women.

A limited collection of Filipino nature, created in the spirit of ecological craftsmanship, wanting to tell you the story of the paradise island where it comes from and bring warmth to its smiles.

The diameter of the Luzon bracelet from the inside 7.5 cm from the outside 8.5 cm

Luzon earrings diameter 3 cm, height 1 cm