“Lili” purse


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A tiny handbag, awarded by Vogue! As the quintessence of Parisian style. Simple, natural, ethical and shapely.

Hand-made in Bali from durable grass – ate, which is a unique material in Indonesia. This natural grass is woven into the desired shape and then dried in the sun. Then the magic happens to get a warm caramel color, each bag is smoked in a mixture of honey and coconut. These bags are real works of art of local women, craftsmen, who pass on weaving techniques to their daughters from generation to generation.

The inner lining has a beautiful batik print in colors and patterns typical of local families so that almost every purse is different. Batik is a painting technique involving the next application of wax and a bath of fabric in a dye that only dyes places not masked with a layer of wax.

13cm x 15cm x 6cm

Eco leather strap: 130cm

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