Borneo basket

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Traditionally woven baskets from Borneo! Perfect as a flower pot cover or a basket for toys in a children’s room. Each basket is a unique ikat design that is hand-woven by artists from Borneo from natural rattan.

Each bag has a unique pattern, but we ensure that they are all equally beautiful, which is why the pattern obtained may differ from the one that was photographed.

More information about this process:
The name “ikat” refers to both weaving and dyeing techniques and the finished product. The word itself has been known for over a thousand years and is derived from the Malaysian verb “mengikat”, which means “weave” or “translate”. The unusualness of ikat is that the fabric pattern is created by dyeing the fibers before weaving. This makes the finished “picture” appear a bit hazy and resembles paintings of impressionists.


diameter: 19 cm

height: 33 cm

Dimensions may vary slightly because each basket is unique and unique

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