„Beach Life” leg bracelet


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We love jewelry that impresses with intricate workmanship, adds originality and carries the good of human hands. This is our latest jewelry collection, which was created in cooperation with the association of single mothers living on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand.

The „Beach Life” leg bracelet is a must-have fashion this summer! Nothing will emphasize the tanning of your legs better than golden BOHO accessories around the ankle. Perfect for festival stylizations, as well as reminds you of holiday carefree in an urban style. Every bohemistic soul will appreciate the bells on the ankle and I assure you that you will not stop dancing with delight. Made by weaving a wax cord on which white howlite are woven – natural stones that are considered wisdom stones that open the mind to information and knowledge. Enhancing observation and patience, positively affecting memory. In addition, it has elephants made of bronze which in Thailand are considered a talisman of happiness and prosperity. (bracelets with dolphins sold out)

Bracelet width: 3.5 cm

Bracelet length: 24 cm – 26 cm