Bamboo Loft lampshade


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The Bamboo Loft lampshade was 100% hand made from natural materials available on the island of Bali. It was created from a combination of love of nature and the extraordinary skills of our Indonesian craftsmen. For creative interiors where natural elements are intertwined with industrial simplicity. Because we are deeply convinced that our local colleagues are the original creators of contemporary trends – luxury craftsmanship inspired by their cultural heritage. The bamboo frame, hand polished and bent, has become an ideal frame for raw fabrics separated from local cotton. The bamboo Loft lampshade is the perfect way to add an authentic and ethical orientation to a contemporary interior.


40 cm diameter

80 cm high

Sale applies only to the shade, the cable is not included in the set.

Remember that each lampshade is unique, hand-made ensures that no two will be exactly the same.

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