Bamboo Artistry Earrings


Na stanie

Earrings from the Island Art collection is the story of travel and life of people whose circumstances are consistent with promoting an ethical way of being through handicrafts, commerce, and design.

Inspired by Thai island life and art, we’ve created a limited collection of bamboo earrings. 100% handmade from bamboo, full of artistic details and details of nature. They were crowned with a silver pendant. Packed in exclusive Boho swing boxes, they are a tribute to eternal art.

We are deeply convinced that local people are the original creators of the trends of the modern world and luxury craftsmanship inspired by their cultural heritage.

Earrings were modeled on Thai everyday use tools. Such as fish catch nets or rice drying trays. Extremely light Bamboo artistry earrings reveal many of the complexities of the craft as well as their eternal strength.


Height – 9 cm

Width – 2 cm